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Hi :D My name is Ingeborg aka. Pokéborg a nickname given by my boyfriend because of my obsession with Pokémon :P I've always had a fascination for animals and also mythical creatures, so when Pokémon came along in my childhood years I had really found my thing. I stopped playing/collecting after a few years and convinced myself I had grown up when the Pokémon wave had passed and all my friends gave up Pokémon, just to figure out I couldn't live without it ;) One does not simply get too old for Pokémon or what? :D I gave away all my cards, figures and other pokemon merch, but I have just started collecting again so I hope to be accepted into the pokemon collectors community here on live journal :D Ah, and I also play quite a lot of Pokémon on Nintendo DS, which was what brought me back into the world og Pokémon again ;) Lately I've just been hunting for shiny/different colored Pokémon. I play mostly 4th generation, some 5th gen and some times I take those lovely nostalgic journeys with 1st and 2nd gen., which was what I played as a kid :D Haha, Pokémon still makes me as happy as it did back then. It's nothing better than those simple joys :)