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[sticky post] Wants

Thank you for checking out my wants list <3 Please let me know if you want to let go of any of this :D
I used your pics because they look great, please take it as a compliment ^^ Do let me know if you want them credited or removed and I'll fix it right away :)

Older eeveelution merch
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Newer Eeveelution merch (Sylveon, movie merch etc.)
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Side collection wants
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Metal figures etc.
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New releases
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More collection: My dear Eevees ♡

I have accumulated pictures on my phone so it's time to finally post more for my eevees even if again the pics are never good ones. Because the quality of these pics are so bad I won't post this to the comm, and just keep it to my journal until I have a decent camera :) (mine broke loong ago)
At least it gives an idea of my collection :) And because I will celebrate my 4 years anniversary of being a pkmncollectorsmember this summer I think it's about time you see some eevees, which is what I REALLY collect. I love a lot of pokemon but the eeveelutions are my true loves that I fully devote myself to :)

I don't think I've ever done a proper showcase for them so I'm not surprised if you don't know I collect eevees, but for me that's kind of my collecting identity ^__^ Eevees and Vulpix and doggies :) Eevees and the Vulpix-line were my first collections and my absolute favourites, but the 'vees just took on a life of their own in terms of getting merch and me buying all of it x) I always fully intended to collect eevees as a main, but I didn't ever expect THIS large amounts of merchandise when I started out :') Then again I never knew I'd get THIS sucked in when I bought that first innocent canvas Vulpix either. I didn't think I'd go after all the expensive eeveelutions at first, but my innter collector proved me wrong!! (I know they're less today but a few years after their release the prices skyrocketed!)

I've been very conscious about posting my display and collection because I'm a huge stupid perfectionist and because I can't have a display I love right now I never did post them. But twitter friends were so kind so I thought I should just post them here too :)

If you've stumbled upon this journal or been directed here by me for my collections why don't you take a look? ^^

Figure cabinet:

I ended up taking these because I had finally rearrange my troubly figure shelf to perfection or at least to nicer than it's ever looked and good enough for me not to hate it and put off showing it off. The poor figures shouldn't suffer for my inability to arrange them :')

One pic with top of the cabinet aka. my Sylveon/Eevee shelf and all the shelves;

Pic of the last shelf gets so dark this is all I'll post of the kids for now :3 ("the kids" hee, my eevee bbys♡)
It's winter so light in Norway is limited to 4 hours a day when I'm at school or sleep away in the weekends :P

Sylveon collection things:

Because my plush and figures are all in my displays all my usable Sylveon merch overflows my desk :')

Eevee plush on all very different shelves :') I have moved over to my bf's desk now and even this one is getting more flooded by pokies x)

I love posters and I'm a HUGE sucker for official art ^^ I got loads of sticker and flat collections that I didn't take pics of sadly because it's just so much work, but I'll definitely show you everything some time :)

Hope you enjoyed getting to know my collection better ^^ It's been to eager to meet new people lol as I hardly showed it off. Poor babies.
They gave me an immense amount of joy during these years and still do which is the most important thing ^^ However I think it's a shame to not show them off as eevee bbs are all so beautiful and should be seen and appreciated

Current collection set up:

Main collection/Eeveelu display

Side collection stuffies (+ extra eevees) and fineries

Serenas pokemon


I was moving my Serena and Fennekin and somehow this little scene happened x) I was actually looking at some Xerneas figures at my nearest gamestop, which is crazy since I haven't seen figure packs of pokemon in toy stores like since I was a kid! So I had to take it out and compare the paintjobs. Turns out the american version has darker eyes? I was thinking about maybe getting the one that comes with pikachu just because I LOVE picking out merchandise in stores (since it happens so seldomly), but the one that poke_zula got from FJ or somewhere (japanese version) is so much prettier <3 So she somehow ended up in the bundle, and I keep thinking if Serena will get a Sylveon or not!

I have a theory that as long as Fennekin is her baby she can't get an Eevee since Fennie might be overshadowed. But if Serenas Fennekin evolves into Braixen I'm betting (or rather hoping haha) she'll get a Sylveon eventually! Sylveon and Serena would be so great together!!! In a later season or something :)

First I want to watch more of Fennekin and Serena. But I also LOVE Braixen so much so I'm kinda hoping Fennekin evolves some day. I was exactly like this when playing X! I didn't evolve my Fennekin until lvl 50 or so, but when I was in the magical little fairy tale town of Laverre the whole atmosphere made me think it was time to get me my little witch partner :D Writing about Braixen makes me think about how little merch she'll probably get... I hope we see at least something. How to convice the merchandise companies that we will in fact buy merch of middle starters? Nintendo must have a vague idea whether a pokemon is nicely designed and will hit if off or not...

Oh well I'm excited to see what team Serena ends up with in the anime :D At least that won't be a Xerneas, but since I had one in X, I included it in this little scene :3
I haven't really posted much of my collection which is unfair after everything you guys have helped me acquire for my collection <3 I don't have a proper camera atm, so these are crappy phone pics sadly. I still really wanted to share something from my collection with you guys so here you go! Here's all my side collections :) I started out collecting eeveelus which are to this day my main collection, but they got so much attention during the "eevee/sylveon year" of 2013, so I thought I'd show you my many side collections for now and do a full showcase of my eevee bbys later ^^ This isn't very well made since I took these really quickly before I left for Thailand on vacation after my exams, but it's better than nothing!

As you will soon learn the canine, feline, equine and cervid pokemon are the ones closest to my heart ^^ And I have problems ruling out certain ones so instead of collecting EVERYTHING of one pokemon, I buy something for each pokemon I love :3

Black and White dragons keep watch over the room from the top pf my shelf :) I really adore Reshiram! Much because he has a very canine like fac and he is super pretty and graceful <3 And even though Zekrom isn't really "my type of pokemon" I really like him for some reason and I like how well he matches all my Reshis :D It bothers me how I'm missing the flying reshiram clipping figure, but the only store who claimed to have them in stock kept sending me more of the perching one xP


Very unclear picture of my legendary beastie shelf!
In this pic you can vaguely see my straps. I really like those so I wanted a pic that included them, but one of the Raikous blends in with the Sylveon towel in the back :P


This pic gives a slightly clearer view of them. Theres a few dark kitzunes in there too! :)


I really LOVE these 13th movie clipping figures :D They're my favourites after the TFG's and shiny MC+ :) I really like (I'd even say I prefer) quadrouple Zoroark :3


My 'cunes <3 She's my favourite beast :3 She's so beautiful~
Notice all the butt ribbons flying about in thispicture xD


Some Raikous! Since I was snapping these pics in such a hurry I managed to photograph the Raikou side twice and took none of my Enteis D: Poor Entei :'(((

I LOVE my 'yenas ^^ I'm looking to get a Mightyena Tomy when I have more money for collecting. Poochy tomy looks lonely...


A few hellounds :) Such beautiful pokemon ^^ And they remind me of my dog :3 He's a rottie and not a doberman but then again Ninetales reminds me of my childhood golden retriever ahaha.

In the back you can spot most of my Abbies too. I'm soooo excited to add mega Absol to my collection soon! :D I hope I can find some things while vacationing here in Thailand :)


Manectric and Electrike! Love those guys ^^ I can't wait for Mega Manectric merch aaaahhhh :D <333 I'm super duper mega excited for the hyper sized Tomy :D


Some electric lions :) I like how well the clipping Shinx goes with the Luxray Tomy. My fiance bought the tomy for me last time I visited him ^^ Thailand just has more merch than Norway...
The Luxio kids are so chubby and cute :3 I'm hoping to add more to my electric lions with time, but first I want some more Litleos!

My beautiful Liepards and Persians! And a budding Litleo collection :D Hoping the stores here have gotten the new Lion Tomy figures~


A few skitties <3 Thanks to Jen for the pencil topper which is absolutely adorable! I love it :D


My favourite foxes! <3 Vulpix and Ninetales are my absolute favourite pokemon along with Vaporeon and the eevees ^^ I keep saying Vulpix and Vappy are my top 2 to keep it simple (I probably do lean slightly towards Vulpix because of the baby/cuteness factor), but with Vulpix I have her evoluton in mind as well! I would always evolve my cute little Vulpix into a gorgeous nine-tailed kitsune<3 Ninetales is something special! Few pokemon can compare to her grace and beauty ^^ I really love her! I love them both <3 Missing the newer kid though... So clear Ninetales is taking its place for now :D Hoping to find clear Vulpix (rerelease) to match her :3


Mama Ninetales with pup and egg <3


All my fire puppies ^^ I love these guys as well as the fire foxies. Arcanine i so majestic and beautiful and Growithe so adorable!

This Arcanine!!! <333 I feel so blessed to finally have it in my posession! I've been wanting one ever since I started collecting. I had sort of given up on finding one anytime soon, but thanks to killmeneko I now have this gorgeous puppy in my collection ^^ It's one of my absolute favourite pieces! It interacts very well with my Vulpix kid too :') Ahhh he's so perfect ^^ The pose and sculpt is gorgeous an he looks super playful and adorable :D


My fire ponies <3 Kanto had so many amazing quadrupled fire types and they were all my favourites ^^ Ponyta is just the cutest little fire foal ever!

Here are some grass deers :) I hope to get more of these guys soon! And a Shaymin snuck in x) I don't collect Shaymin (yet haha), but they are soo cute! And this one fits in nicely ^^

I just couldn't help starting a Xerneas collection :3 I really adore this legendary! And I have a very weak spot for deers and equine pokemon in general. There's a lonely Zebstrika in the back if you can spot him. I hope to add more zebras soon too :) Especially wanting the Zebstrika chupa :D


A zoom in on some of the Xerneas figures (and gorgeous Zebra!) I really love the Xernie clipping (motion gallery) figure for some reason!

I love everything marine and water-dwelling and so this happened :3 I might add Kyogres some day~ In the future I'll refocus on Milotic! I used to have a mini collection of her, but I sold most of it except the zukan.

I've had this beauty for a long time, but her swimming sister keeps slipping through my fingers. Soon <3 I have to tell myself that I will have one eventually since the grief of loosing out so many times has been big. I saw her in a full set on Y!J recently but it went for like 60 000 yen and I don't have that kind of money right now. I'm awaiting a gorgeous strap though thanks to noibatcutie! And I have my eyes on a few other items as well :3 But the day I get the swimming zukan will be a joyous one! It's become something of a mini grail for me.
My Nessies :) Lapras is so beautiful! I love these pieces so much <3


My Dewgongs and Seels ^^ Dewgong is so graceful and pretty and seal so cute :D
And I mean who doesn't just love seals? Water puppies <3 There's a reason they're called the dogs of the ocean ^^


Enough figures! So many on here collect more plush than figures, but I somewhat feel I'm the opposite xD I have tons of Eeveelu plush though and here are my side collection plush pile :D I'm going to order the Litleo and Espurr dolls when I get my student loan :3


And here's my Fennekins!!! This is the only collection I don't have any figures of and only have plushies of! I somehow ended up with two 1:1's :P I first got the right one from Allinia and then Gin was having a sale so I got another for cuddles :3 For collecting purposes they actually are the American and Japanese releases respectively which sort of justifies it hehe. They have very different expressions (one looks very happy and excited and the other looks shy an timid ^^ They are both super cute and I love them both! I also really like the x-mas plush and doll <3 And the Braixen PC plush is amazing :)

I was joking abou the no more figures part ;)

Here you can the see (most of) the rest of my darling Vulpixies <3 And some Mews and also Eevees that I never found a place for in my eeveelu cabinets. These three (+ Pikachu) were my childhood favourites <3 ^__^ I have something special planned for them to signify how important they are to me ^^ I want a cute display that really stands out <3 Like some cute box shaped shelves or something :3 I plan on getting matching DX Tomy's and talky figures for all of them and it will look soo neat ^^ I'm excited about this and will update when I'm done!

Thanks for looking/reading and I hope to give more frequent updates in the future ^__^
If you look closely on the diplays below they have similar flats with these motives and they match so nicely and I want them! <3 Hope it's possible to obtain them some way or another!


Liepard <3


I really adore Liepard, but she hardly got any merch (Purrloin got it al? x)) All I have of this gorgeous cat is a MPC plush, kid and zukan.

I secretly (not so secret anymore lol) wish that she might get another figure (like a tomy!) now since she's catchable in the Kalos region. Please pokemon companies, make us a Liepard Tomy or just something <3

At least I can have her in pokemon Amie ^^ And she looks AMAZING in 3D <3 

Xerneas my God <3

You divine deer when will I own this heavenly figure of you :3
Can't wait for Xerny TCG set :D

And this!

Flat wants <3

eeveelution pogs
eeveelution pogs (sold in Spain and perhaps also other countries)
already have: Umbreon

eevee vs cards

eeveelution VS. cards


old eeveelution kids boxes (also need the card for flareon, I have the cards for the others)


pokedex book pages


pokedex books that I believe these pages are from

book pagesdgrowlithe book page

art pages from a japanese book


Post cards with adorable chibi pokemon. Turns out there's also story books illustrated by the same artist. Hope to find those too.

$_57 (2)199569_600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bmw4250-img600x450-1315188o930ywcpt74s070746s
Postcard featuring Vulpix
Vulpix flats where she's winking <3
Card or entire flat with camping scene (who's vulpix is this though??)


Collection things

I don't think I have any pics of my collection set up on here and I'm too obsessive about it to post it on pkmncollectors yet, but I figured putting some things up on my journal isn't a big deal :D

And the reason I took the pic is because I just rearranged a little bit :D I'm not done yet, but I thought it was starting to look nice ^^

This is my main set up, I also have a pokechair full of plushies that aren't eeveelus, but this is the main event :) Honestly it looks so much better in person!

set up!

Also got the best surprise ever from mizuhokusanagi!!! :D <333 Omg thank you so much sweetie!!! This is mah perfect little Vappy that I love sooo much! And the gifts that I received with it!

The I <3 eevee plush will be my travel buddy :D I love the little kids too! The Chilly totally makes me think of Erin ^^ And the walky eevees are so cute!! :3 It was such an amazing box of goodies <33

my babies from mizohukusanagi <33purse

Not only are these things super adorable, they really helped me spice up my purse :D

cut for more picsCollapse )

And I got another clear eeveelu kid :D Umbryyy. I love this kid since it's the chubbiest Umbreon ever! I super much want a clear Espeon now ^^

clear umbreon sideclear umbreon front

ugh these pics are so dark, it's only 3 pm and it's already kinda dark outside here in Norway :P

It has been decided! New collection(s)

I'm going to collect Xerneas!!! :D

It's just too beautiful. I can't not have this gorgeous creature among my pokemons <3 Best legendary EVER and one of the prettiest pokemon of all times :3
And deers are just so such beautiful creatures. I always played with the thought of collecting sawsbuck and virizion, but I never got around to it. Maybe mostly because sawsbuck doesn't have much merch. But I looked at tons of merch for Virizion and even though I liked her a lot, I didn't fancy too much of her merchandise except the zukan, tomy figure and this one keychain :P But now I will get my perfect deer ^^ Gosh Xerny is so stunning in pokemon ami <333 I think it's one of my new favourite pokemon!

I haven't decided how hardcore I'm going to be about collecting it since it will get A LOT of merch but oh gosh, it is just so beautiful I need to at least collect it lightly, like pick up the most stunning pieces :) Since I'm such a picky collector to begin with I probably won't be buying everything so that's good :)

And I've already fallen for little Fennie's merch ^^ I can already see myself with an accidental Fennekin collection :P (I always tell myself the only canines I main collect are eeveelus and maybe vulpix) But little fire fox starter is so cute :3 I'm excited for her evolution's merch as well, especially Braixen's :) aaah I love canine pokemon too much I got to have some fennecs!!

I wonder if I will actually be able to pull it off since I'm already struggling with the work eevees have become to collect, but I'll find a way :3 And it's not like I'll get everything all at once! One thing at a time and we'll get there :)